Shining A Spotlight

On Wednesday, August 10th, we hosted the first installment of our Social Innovation Spotlight Series. Close to 100 folks registered and we were delighted that so many people joined us for this first event. Of course, we’re also very excited about this series and the information sharing and new connections that will result for those that attend. DC Social Innovation Project was created to provide funding and resources to help small or early-stage non-profits and social enterprises in DC innovate. Social Innovation Spotlight Series highlights some of the projects we are supporting along with other non-profits and socially beneficial businesses in DC. We’re shining a spotlight on the social innovation that’s happening right here in DC.

Our goal with the Spotlight Series is two-part. First, we’re bringing together individuals in DC from different backgrounds who care about community improvement and social innovation. Second, we’re highlighting some of the great work happening locally around social good and innovation. DC is a unique place with many people passionate about social change and taking an active role in making the world a better place. Connecting individuals across interests (education and technology, for example) and from different backgrounds (native Washingtonian and recent transplant, for example) is a challenge. We hope to bridge both of these gaps, all while shining a spotlight on some of the great socially innovative work happening right here in our own neighborhoods.

Join us for our upcoming Spotlight Series event on Wednesday, September 28th and also let us know who you’d like to hear from at a future event!


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