Let’s make something great

At DC Social Innovation Project, we’re committed to helping community members launch innovative projects that tackle pressing social issues in Washington, DC. For the eight projects we’ve selected so far, this support has taken the form of seed funding along with pro bono management consulting. Like any new organization, small non-profits like the ones we support rely a lot on pro bono assistance to fill in the gaps where they need a service (like legal or accounting help), but don’t necessarily have the funding to pay for it.

While the pro bono consulting we provide goes a long way in helping these organizations create a strong strategic plan or become financially sustainable, one big need is in the area of marketing and design. When you’re dealing with big goals, limited budgets and attempting to address some of our region’s most challenging social issues, sometimes honing your brand message or designing a stunning website gets pushed aside. But focusing on branding can help increase awareness of your work and engage potential volunteers and donors.

We’re planning fill this gap with by hosting a “makeathon” next month. Similar to a hackathon, this event will take place over several hours on a Saturday and will match our grantees with designers, developers, and brand strategists to work on specific projects such as infographic design or brand messaging.

To help make this event a success we need some talented and passionate folks eager to help their community. If you’ve got the skills and want to use your talent for good, sign up to join us. You’ll get a great opportunity to use your skills to improve your community (plus a great breakfast and lunch!).

Click here to sign up.


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