Announcing our newest grantees


Sharon Flynn of Suited for Change, Keith Beverly of It’s Time, and Julie Kirkwood of DC Urban Greens

Following a search and selection process spanning several months, we’re excited to announce our three newest grantees! These new grantees continue our mission of investing in innovative community programs led by passionate and informed residents, with the goal of improving the lives of Washington, DC’s low-income and vulnerable residents.

This cohort of grantees includes new organizations preparing to launch and an organization founded more than twenty years ago that is now launching an exciting new program. Among the issues they aim to tackle include access to affordable healthy food, economic empowerment for women, and math education and financial literacy for youth. No matter the issue area, these grantees share two common traits: (1) they take a creative and unique approach to long-standing issues, and (2) they were created and are led by people who saw a problem in their community and combined their passion and professional experience to do something about it.

We’re thrilled to be supporting these innovative community programs and look forward to working closely with them over the next year to accelerate their impact:

  • Suited For Change – Currently launching Suited for Start Up, a business incubator for emerging female entrepreneurs from traditionally under-served communities in DC
  • DC Urban Greens – Developing a sustainable model of urban agriculture in DC as part of the solution to food deserts
  • It’s Time – An innovative enrichment program for middle school students teaching financial literacy and life skills primarily through interactive investment education

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting profiles here on our blog of each of these grantees to give you a deeper look into their work. Until then, check out these pictures from a special reception we hosted in their honor earlier this month.

Help us congratulate them by sharing this tweet:

Congrats to @dcsocialinnov’s newest grantees @dcurbangreens @suitedforchange @itstimedc! Innovative orgs changing DC

For opportunities to support our work and these grantees, visit the Get Involved page on our website.


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