Consulting teams kick-off

 Since announcing our newest grantees earlier this month, we’ve been busy getting more acquainted with their unique goals and challenges so we can provide pro bono services tailored to their specific needs. A big part of the services includes a team of volunteer consultants that works with the grantee over several months to develop strategies and plans for overcoming a specific organizational challenge. Over the past two weeks our newest grantees had their kick-off meetings with the consulting teams.

Here’s what the consulting teams will be working on over the next few months:

  • The consulting team working with Suited for Change will help the organization develop a strategy for the Suited for Start-Up program that it recently launched. Suited for Start-Up is a program aimed at helping women from under-served communities in Washington, DC create and grow small businesses in order to become financially secure. Suited for Change launched the program last year with a small group of entrepreneurs and is now interested in re-imagining how the incubator program could operate and what services it could offer in order to have a bigger impact. The consulting team’s research and eventual recommendations will offer guidance and best practices for Suited for Start-Up.

  • Since DC Urban Greens and It’s Time are both relatively new organizations, the consulting team working with these grantees will help them develop plans for recruiting and engaging active board members. Having an active and engaged board of directors is critical to the success and sustainability of non-profit organizations, so we’re glad to be able to help these grantees build a solid foundation for their future.

Given the critical tasks that these consulting teams have, we’ve placed on the teams volunteer consultants with backgrounds in international development, corporate governance, strategic marketing, and more. We’ll be sharing profiles of some the volunteer consultants in the coming weeks; so stay tuned for more from these teams as they progress!

Visit the Get Involved page on our website to view opportunities to get involved.


2 thoughts on “Consulting teams kick-off

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