Every (social) entrepreneur needs a coach


A professional coach isn’t just for top athletes and executives. Anyone starting a business or social venture needs someone help them overcome the many roadblocks that may pop up. We were glad to have Coach Sarah Brooks lead a great session recently for our grantees.

The workshop came just in time for DC Urban Greens founder Julie Kirkwood, who gained clarity in her strategy to address upcoming opportunities for growing the organization. Julie knew that before the workshop she was “stuck in a rut of tunnel vision and single mindedness,” which made decision-making more difficult. She said, “Sarah suggested ways to recognize my behavior, step back, and make a choice of how to behave instead of going on autopilot with my same old habits.” Through the short coaching session, Julie reoriented her thinking and renewed her focus on bringing affordable healthy food to the Ft. Dupont area and other DC neighborhoods.

Sarah’s guidance sharpened the thinking of the other attendees as well. Busy DCSIP grantee Keith Beverly runs both urban education nonprofit It’s Time and an investment advisory and financial planning firm New Paradigm Advisory. Keith found the session to be “helpful in that it helped me organize my thoughts and prioritize my long list of tasks.”

Another workshop attendee and grantee, Cynthia Miller, also works full-time while maintaining her commitment to serving DC. She is laying the groundwork for an innovative start-up, and met with Coach Sarah just a few hours after becoming certified to manage the socially-focused salon and spa she is working to launch. Cynthia also felt that her time with Sarah helped her refine and “focus on her goals.”

DCSIP extends a big thanks to Sarah for her work with our grantees!

Sarah Brooks can be reached at sarah.brooks@accomplishmentcoaching.com or on twitter (@sarahabrooks) or facebook (https://www.facebook.com/sarahbrookscoaching)






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