Announcing our new Executive Director

Since awarding our first grant in 2011, we have played an instrumental role in the launch and development of ten innovative community programs. These programs provide academic and career opportunities for young adults, access to healthy food grown right here in DC, and opportunities for women in under-served neighborhoods to start small businesses. In all, we’ve convened and awarded more than $250,000 in funding and strategic assistance to help jumpstart and sustain these initiatives.

A significant part of what has made DCSIP what it is today are the people involved. From our founding team, to our volunteers, board members, grantees, and supporters like you, it’s the people that drive our mission and make our work possible.

Today, I’m excited to share with you that we’re adding Melissa Ehrenreich to our team as Executive Director. Melissa brings a wealth of experience from more than 15 years in the nonprofit sector having worked in the areas of program development, impact evaluation, fundraising, and strategic communications. She not only has the experience, but she also has the passion and enthusiasm that has always been essential to our work. Having Melissa as our Executive Director is a milestone for DCSIP as she will be the first leader outside of our founding team.

We’re thrilled to have Melissa join us at this exciting time for DCSIP and we look forward to working with her – and you – as we continue to be a driving force for social innovation and positive change in DC. Please take a moment to join me in welcoming Melissa. You can email her directly at or connect via Twitter (@mehrenreich). Learn more about Melissa and the rest of our team on our website.

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