Open For Business: Apply for a $25,000 Grant Today


–Nelson Mandela   

Today we are announcing the opening of our Summer 2015 call for applications. For the next 30 days, we will solicit as many ideas to find our next grantees that will join the DC Social Innovation Project Innovation Family. Will you be among them?

Over this long hot summer, we will explore some of the coolest cutting edge ideas to tackle poverty. We cannot wait to be bowled over by great ideas. If you’ve never started something but have always wanted to–now is the time. If you are sitting at your computer, reading this and wondering if you have what it takes to change a life–give us a shot. If your organization has always thought, wouldn’t it be great if we tried something new? This might be your moment to find out.

Our role is to incubate GREAT ideas and community-based innovators. We do that by providing unique social capital grants valued at $25,000 to provide seed funding and expertise that give good ideas a running head start. We don’t require a track record, we don’t require a big bank account. We require ingenuity, grit, and the courage to step up and try something new. For once in DC, it’s refreshingly not about who you know but about the great ideas inside of you.

Maybe you’ve never gotten a grant before, or never even written a grant. It didn’t stop Malcolm Woodland, founder of Young Doctors DC who used our grant to put in motion his incredible idea to build a bridge to college for young men of color while delivering life saving health clinics. Don’t let it stop you.

Today, on the 150 anniversary of Juneteenth, we will get to sit down with dozens of incredible organizations making a difference in communities of color. It will be wonderful to spend four hours at today’s My Brother’s Keeper Probono Lab to dive in, dig deep, and do good with some great organizations. But we want more.

We have 30 days to be astounded by all the good ideas in our community. Help us light up communities in the District through the power of innovation. Apply today or share this post with a friend to encourage them to apply.


Melissa Ann Ehrenreich, Executive Director

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