What We Look For: Sharks for Social Innovation

daymond johnOur Summer 2015 grant application is open and we are looking for the next DC Social Innovation Project grantees who will win a $25,000 social capital grant to launch a new idea to tackle poverty in the District of Columbia.

As you mull over your application, we wanted to drop some wisdom about what we look for in excellent grantees. The truth is, we look for more than people who tick off boxes on our application. We look for signs of grit, we look for passion, we look for great ideas, and we look for partners who need our help to find new paths to bring solutions to market. Our role is to help community-based innovators bring new solutions to light who aren’t served by traditional philanthropy. We want to broaden the entrepreneurship pipeline by investing in a new generation of leaders that are developing community-based strategies to eliminate poverty in the District of Columbia. We want to be great partners to pilot small, but smart prototypes that test big ideas. We want to turn good intentions into great ideas that can transform lives together.

But don’t take our word, take a brief listen to Shark Tank expert Daymond John or read this new insightful Inc. article on how he spots winners, because that man knows what he is doing. People, passion, grit, and a willingness to work together. Step up to the plate, apply today, and show us what you got!


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